Monumental drawings

Monumental drawings at Zuiderstrandtheater in The Hague. Two large drawings, 140x255cm inspired by the statues found in the depths of the Aegean sea, presented in the Duin foyer at the evening of the opera performance “Ariadne auf Naxos” of Richard Strauss in a fabulous production of the Nederlandse Reisopera.  


Five large format canvasses in black and white, made in 2010. The theme is motherhood, in times of peace and in times of danger and exile. The execution of the theme is based on the simplicity of drawing which carries roughness and clarity in the same time.

Painting as a role-model

A painter would suggest this: Painting has an important role to play in our society despite of what people and the art world itself proclaim with frequent judgements. Painting – the act of and the responsiveness to – is a role-model to the following: Self-sufficiency, to the reachable measure Non-consumerism A sense of devotion outside … More Painting as a role-model