Atelier Kapnos

Art studio in The Hague

Atelier Kapnos is the working space of Sofia Kapnissi. 

Painting is a practice that demands strength and time; painters walk a long merciless path and offer an assimilated life experience to the spectators, an own narration on two dimensions. Painting creates a free space that does not correspond to the measurable world; it is therefore defenseless and falls prey to smart talkers and other experts.

The works created here are experimentations even though they do not contain the element of novelty nor of the smart idea. They are open questions: Where does the human expression lie? Where is the inside and where the outside? What does ‘activity’ mean?

Painting is the beginning and reference point of all what I make.

Find work of mine on Artsy/Dekka-Arts Gallery

The collective history: Stichting Gaidaro page

The individual history: Sofia Kapnissi CV

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