Atelier Kapnos

Art studio in The Hague

Sold out!


T-Shirt with iksnaperniksvan print and unique hand painted tattoo, made by the artist/creator of iksnaperniksvan.

Sold out!


T-Shirt with hand painted tattoo – unique piece


Type: T-shirt with low neck cut

Size: S (L60cm/W40cm)

Material: certified biological cotton

Fit: Fitted-cut suitable more (but not only) for women.

Print: iksnaperniksvan design in white; silkscreened


Hand painted drawing inspired by the Cycladic statues; acrylic colour. 


This iksnaperniksvan T-Shirt is a unique piece, a single artefact. It is made by the artist/creator of the iksnaperniksvan design.



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