Atelier Kapnos

Art studio in The Hague

Legs tight shut

May 6, 2020

Women, we are what we want to be for ourselves; veiled or unveiled, good or bad, brave, cheeky, or whatever else goes with human nature.

This series is made with oil on canvas, in 2018-19; the square paintings are 60×60 cm; the rectangle one is 110×90 cm. They have individual titles: Moody, Blue hair Bright future, My polynesian self, The right spot, Erased Lovers, In Marrakech (the square ones); and Fishing clouds in Holland.

Fishing clouds in Holland is inspired by a small size painting of Rembrandt’s called “The Stone Bridge”; you see the reference to it at the left side of the work. If you turn the painting clockwise and let it rest on the length you can see on the top the full Dutch landscape, an interpretation of it with much more color. The work is vibrating of color, just like Holland does in spring (April-May), with its tulips, its canal waters, and its famous clouds. At the front, the work shows a pair of legs of a sitting female figure, knee up, holding a bunch of tulips.

Pure Colour

The use of pure colour visualizes the affirmation I AM HERE.

This collection of paintings is loosely connected to the series ‘Legs tight shut’: paintings that look at women and the way we are in different phases of life. There is always intensity and awareness, even when we look lost or fragile.