Atelier Kapnos

Art studio in The Hague

This is the summary of my proposal:

The blog post as prose – a workshop for performing documentary texts

The workshop is based on texts published on the blog ‘artB-the status of artists’ which is part of the artistic practice of the author. The aim is to exercise association and empathy to the artists’ status. Both professionals in the field (visual artists, performers) and amateurs (general audience) will be asked to read/ perform a blog post as a monologue; the participants convey the text in variable expressions, according to their position towards the artists and their practice.  The read outs/ performances will be registered on video and/or sound recording equipment. The result will be presented online through the blog.

After the event: How this plan was realized differs from this description. Just the same, I am grateful for the cooperation of the fellow artists and for the result. This all gave me a great deal of inspiration too.

Read my review of the event here

This is one of the three films made in Limassol. More to watch here.


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