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Presentation at Big Screen Plaza, New York

My painting series ‘ Humanize the Code’ of 2020-21 is being presented at Big Screen Plaza in New York, in the frame of the project #ArtOnScreen. See also my relevant post.

The presentation is now also part of the Fall 2022 Exhibition. It runs daily from 11:00-11:20 AM (EDT), through 31 December 2022.

[earlier: The presentation is running daily on the screen from 1:30-2:00 PM (EDT), through 31 August 2022. Extended until 22 September!]

View my bio and images on Big Screen Plaza website.

This is the painting that gave the title to the series; it was the first one made on the theme of the code and the tag < >, following a short series of ink drawings.

Article (in Dutch) in DeFKa Research magazine

The project ik-snap-er-niks-van is included in the magazine for artistic research DeFKa Research SC nr. 05 2022. It can be ordered as print-on-demand at bookshops in The Netherlands and Belgium (also online). ISBN 9789 4644 80603. Read more