Atelier Kapnos

Art studio in The Hague

The exhibition has ended but you can still view the works here. For queries and purchases contact

Korte Prinsengracht 12
1013 GS Amsterdam


19 paintings dedicated to women of here and now: we are what we want to be and we are not up for grabs (unless we say YES!)

Article in DeFKa Research magazine

The project ik-snap-er-niks-van is included in the magazine for artistic research DeFKa Research SC nr. 05 2022. It can be ordered as print-on-demand at bookshops in The Netherlands and Belgium (also online). ISBN 9789 4644 80603

Het project ik-snap-er-niks-van is opgenomen in het kunsttijdschrift DeFKa Research SC nr. 05 2022. Het is verkrijgbaar als print-on-demand in boekhandels in Nederland en België (ook online). ISBN 9789 4644 80603