Atelier Kapnos

Art studio in The Hague

Presentation at Big Screen Plaza, New York

This is a super project: #ArtOnScreen is a year-round presentation of digital and artistic exhibitions curated and organized by Big Screen Plaza, an arts media organization in New York City that owns and operates a 30 ft. digital billboard overlooking a 10,000 sq. ft. public plaza. The intention is to connect local and international artists to the New York community by showcasing their work to the public. (quote from their website).

… and I wish I could visit: My art series ‘ Humanize the Code’ of 2020-21 (oil paintings) is being presented at Big Screen Plaza, in the frame of this project.

The presentation is running daily on the screen from 11:00-11:20 AM (EDT) through 31 December 2022. It is part of the FALL 2022 Exhibition!

[earlier times were:1:30-2:00 PM (EDT), through 31 August 2022. Update: Extended until 22 September!]

Bio/statement and images can be viewed here.

This is the painting that gave the title to the series; it was the first one made on the theme of the code and the tag < >, following a short series of ink drawings.

The new project “Mia trypa sto nero” started with two postcard size works. They are made on aquarel paper: blue ecoline drawing, text, and on top crochet with cotton yarn from my inheritance. People have to look in the hole to see the drawing and read the text.

Their titles:
“μια τρύπα στο νερό: on futile achievements”
“μια τρύπα στο νερό: on futile actions”

I’ve put them in an envelop, each one apart, and sent one of the envelops to Mellifera Action for their new mail-art project SEA – FIRE – HUMAN PROJECT 2019/ 3 STRONG ELEMENTS OF LIFE & DEATH. I do not know which is sent and which stayed with me.

The ball of yarn used here is the last that I have of this colour, a beautiful off-white (crème), inherited from my mother together with a few more yarns and some crochet experiments that grandma Elpiniki had made; highly precious–belongings that passed on to me. The blog-article ‘Grandma and the aunts’ dated 2011 was already talking about the textile inheritance.

These are some of Elpiniki’s (Koniari) crochet experiments, made with an extremely thin crochet hook:

and this is my precious ball of yarn:

This is a curtain that my mama Athena had made with the same yarn; it hangs in my room:

Exhibition in Nicosia-Cyprus
at E.KA.TE.

16-30 June 2017
Curated by the artist Katerina Neofytidou

My contribution is:

12 drawings, ink on paper, 25x25cm each, drawn from one of the sketch pads lying around in my living space, be it the studio or the house. They are concentration exercises executed in batches of usually 10 or 12. They materialize streams of thoughts and point at themes that could become a larger body of work.

The proposed batch revolves on the theme “the inside and the outside”.

The invitation text reads:


You are cordially invited to Small Treasures, an artists’ exhibition revolving around and exploring the notion of the artistic process, through small works of art.
The exhibition is scheduled to open on June16th and run through July 7th, 2017.

Inevitably, upon our entrance in the hidden chamber where the talisman (1) was set up, we found ourselves in a space full of diverse, compelling, and exquisite little gems. In the very depths of the chamber, a sitting old man was holding an emerald tablet. Looking closer at the gems, we were surprised to find out what they really were: small works of art, emphasizing process, small scale, experimentation and craze. Their essence was so soft, uncompounded and pure that ‘in what shape they choose, dilated or condensed, bright or obscure, can execute their airy purposes, and works of love or enmity fulfil.’ (2)
The Smaragdina in the possession of the elder, contained the secret of the Prima Materia and its transmutation, by the artist’s hand. Tantalizing and seducing our imagination, we decided to collect these jewels and exhibit them in an attempt to reveal the process of turning the “base metal”, into a conscious creator. In the beginning of this journey there is the death of the ego. The desirable destination is the ‘alchemy that transforms death drive into a start of life, of new significance’. (3)

1. Talisman – the word has Greek origin from the verb τελείν , which means I participate in the mysteries and the ceremony that were performed to create this special amulet.
2. Paradise Lost: Book 01 by John Milton.
3. Powers of Horror by Julia Kristeva

The first chapter includes:
1. Alex Welch
2. Andreas Tomblin
3. Koert Van Den Beukel (K_Van)
4. Sofia Kapnissi
5. Αnthi Pafiou
6. Elena Kouma
7. Efi Ioakim
8. Theodora Foutrou
9. Ioanna Chimona
10. Katerina Neofytidou
11. Maria Leonidou-Alexandra Pambouka
12. Machi Papadopoulou
13. Ourania Gabriel
14. Rebecca Efstathiou
15. Flora Marommati
16. Chara Stephanou
17. Christos Hadjistylianou
18. Liz Kuntz



Image may contain: one or more people and indoor

Image may contain: food and indoor

This is the summary of my proposal:

The blog post as prose – a workshop for performing documentary texts

The workshop is based on texts published on the blog ‘artB-the status of artists’ which is part of the artistic practice of the author. The aim is to exercise association and empathy to the artists’ status. Both professionals in the field (visual artists, performers) and amateurs (general audience) will be asked to read/ perform a blog post as a monologue; the participants convey the text in variable expressions, according to their position towards the artists and their practice.  The read outs/ performances will be registered on video and/or sound recording equipment. The result will be presented online through the blog.

After the event: How this plan was realized differs from this description. Just the same, I am grateful for the cooperation of the fellow artists and for the result. This all gave me a great deal of inspiration too.

Read my review of the event here

This is one of the three films made in Limassol. More to watch here.


Monumental drawings at Zuiderstrandtheater in The Hague.

Two large drawings, 140x255cm inspired by the statues found in the depths of the Aegean sea, presented in the Duin foyer at the evening of the opera performance “Ariadne auf Naxos” of Richard Strauss in a fabulous production of the Nederlandse Reisopera.

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A painter would suggest this:

Painting has an important role to play in our society despite of what people and the art world itself proclaim with frequent judgements. Painting – the act of and the responsiveness to – is a role-model to the following:

  1. Self-sufficiency, to the reachable measure
  2. Non-consumerism
  3. A sense of devotion outside religions
  4. A measurable ability for concentration
  5. A chance for contemplation with result to non-navigated thoughts
  6. A movement of the brain in connection to the intelligent movements of the hands
  7. A sense that time and space expand, shrink and take forms in respond to our disposition
  8. A counter balance to art as entertainment
  9. A living connecting point to tradition and history
  10. A dimmer of human created noise