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Writings on textile art

Some of the textile art works that I have created; they are all hand made:

‘Sand Land’ (formerly known as ‘Zand Bodem Sand’)
Textile work in 3 layers: embroidery on cotton, curtain fabric, and linen background. The layers are attached to each other only on top; spectators may lift them if they wish. Measurements: 50x39x2 cm
This piece is based on air photographs of the Dutch coast & the map of the country; the below sea level part is noted.
Year of creation: 2019

Exhibited in 2021 at the online edition of the 11th ‘From Lausanne to Beijing’ International Fiber Art Biennale.


‘The song remains the same – There is always a song and a costume’

The project refers to the common characteristics and behaviours of all people as such and through the passing of time. There is always a song to be sang: a lyrical expression of emotions, ideas and situations. The song is represented in this work by the embroidered part, inside small and silent and outside big and loud. There is always a costume to be worn. The costume is here stripped down to the basics or to the starting point. It is also not complete. What we see are parts of costumes: a half front piece with a sleeve, a sleeve alone without the main piece, etc. They are fragments of time, our own human time. The specific costume patterns come from the medieval times. This is a more personal reference to the 1973 Led Zeppelin song (and later movie) “The song remains the same” and their hippie gaze to castle-wear. The song itself was “about how you can travel half way around the world and people are pretty much the same” [quote by R. Plant].
Year of creation: 2018

‘When the night falls in the woods of Czech Bohemia’
Year of creation: 2017
Exhibited at TexpoArt – 4th International Triennial of Textile Arts (2017), Universitatea Naționala de Arte “George Enescu”, Iasi, Romania.

Hand embroidery on light and dark fabric mounted on felt, 2 pieces, measurements: 127 x 51 cm each.
Year of creation: 2014
Exhibited at the 8th ‘From Lausanne to Beijing’ Fiber Art Biennale (2014), Nantong, China.

3 pieces from the series ‘Continents’

Technique/ material: hand embroidery on cotton and linen
Size: 45 x 40 cm approx. Individual titles: Arctic, Antarctic, Africa
Year of creation: 2014-2015
Four pieces of this series were exhibited at the 9th International Fiber Art Biennale ‘From Lausanne To Beijing’ (2016), in Shenzhen, China.

Small textile works in frame, 30 x 30 cm.
Year of creation: 2013


‘The power of leaves’, hand embroidery on linen, mounted on linen of darker colour.
Year of creation: 2012
7th “From Lausanne to Beijing” International Fiber Art Biennale, Nantong, China, 2012

3 pieces from the series ‘Mobilization’

Material/ technique: cotton threads embroidered on linen
Size: 76 x 53 cm each; Individual titles: Syria, Libya, Egypt; presentation indication: not framed, pinned loosely on the wall
Year of creation: 2011-2012
Exhibited in the textile exhibition «Dialogues of Ariadne and Penelope» at Chaniart/ visual arts journeys in the regional unit of Chania, 2013, Chania, Greece

4 examples of realized transfers of expressionistic drawings
Year of creation: 2010
The two portraits were exhibited at the MELT-the East End Art Fair, London, UK, 2010.
The square ones were exhibited at the VI International Biennial of Textile Art, Xalapa, Mexico, 2011.

‘My 26th home’, a 3D work made of an embroidered small size curtain and the blueprint of a house.
Year of creation: 2008.
Exhibited at the ‘geborgen kamers’ textile art group show ‘Mama’s arts’, in Vrederust, The Hague, 2008. 

“My grandmother’s hand work was not symmetrical”
Size: 7 x 7 cm
Year of creation: 2007
This was the first textile artwork that I’ve made; it was exhibited in The Hague, at the ‘geborgen kamers’ project ‘Miniatures’, 2007.


S. Kapnissi is member of ETN European Textile Network since 2013.

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