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ik snap er niks van Concept

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The ik-snap-er-niks-van/ικ-σναπ-ερ-νικς-φαν project came to life on 23 December 2017. It is an art project in the form of a web shop. The project deals with the concepts of identity, language, mother-tongue interwoven with place-of-residence tongue, certainties and (mis-) conceptions, clues and humor as tools for communicating.

‘Ik snap er niks van’ is the Dutch expression for ‘I don’t understand a thing’ or ‘I don’t get it’. Written in Greek characters, the sentence becomesbilingual and visual for that matter.

The ik-snap-er-niks-van project is inspired from and dedicated to all the people who admit to not understand what’s going on. In what situation? You name it!

The front page of the initial iksnaperniksvan web-shop.

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