Atelier Kapnos

Art studio in The Hague


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Engraving on linoleum plates has been in my practice since the art school. It is a technique that allows me to work totally independently from beginning to end, meaning that I can experiment with only limitation my own strength.

In this example (images) I experiment with white areas inspired by cloth design and pocket lining fabric. Although I have already printed two works on good paper, this series is ongoing.

This print is called ‘White noise’ and is made with two plates.

Etching demands less physical strength than linocutting, but using the acid bath and printing is something that I can only do in external studios.
I am busy preparing the plates for new works. These are etchings that I made in the Vrije Academie voor Beeldende Kunsten in The Hague in 1997-98. There are more plates from that time and the plan is to print those too as the engraving work moves ahead.

Plate sizes: 24,5 x 37,3 cm and 20,2 x 29,4 cm (Apocalypses)

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