Atelier Kapnos

Art studio in The Hague

Experimentations on the edge of decoration and painting. This is an exercise in a painting category that flourishes wildly all around. By dimming the joy in it, often shifting the balance towards dark imagery, what happens to the decorative essence, I wonder.

Fatal Leaves

Series of 2012: the weird and problematic relation of humans with nature; a series of paintings on canvas primed with silver gesso; 60×60 cm, acrylic on deep-edge canvas.

Silver & Red; and the new domesticity

Series of 2011-12: sizes 140×140 cm and 100×100 cm, acrylic on deep-edge canvas.

Having in mind the ancient sculptures from Egypt and Greece curved on stone or marble, I pictured in a similar way the timeless feel of domesticity, family and motherhood in the era of Internet. Nevertheless, it is me with my son, sitting under a blanket, surfing on the Internet, surrounded by the warmth of our home; in perfect bliss; or he alone in his childhood navigating in a new world.

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