Atelier Kapnos

Art studio in The Hague

This text was written in 2011 as a quite emotional description of this series of paintings. This series, as most of my work, has never been exhibited, apart from a few of the big works that were shown during an Open Ateliers weekend.

“Four years ago I experienced the appearance of new roots; those of my son who took his space without a doubt from either side, mine or his. The ups and downs of motherhood is a series of works that I made in 2010. They are based on the simplicity of the drawing which carries roughness and clarity in the same time, an everyday life filtered through the reverie of a mother. Five of them are big canvasses of 200×140 cm: “asleep” shows the subtle touching as we rest, “kounia-bella” shows the mother swinging the child after the bath on a tune of her own childhood, “the other child” catches the mother in trance about other spirits that could have been her children, “together we walk” shows the weight of responsibility of motherhood and “escape” is dedicated to all the mothers who have to carry their child on their back and run. The smaller works, two in b/w and the rest in red and light blue, are made on paper: “connected” is an image of shared breath, “in rage” is a moment of lost balance for both mother and child. “One look” shows the happiness that comes with conscious sharing and “rolling into life” is the image of trust from child to mother and back. The word trust is what always strikes me when I look at these works just the same as when my son lets himself fall into my arms from the steps of the staircase, knowing that I will never fail to catch him.”

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